Photoshoot Oukan X NAUT

In two months, a massive reconstruction work will begin on the students' hall building designed by Karel Prager,

one of the most important as well as most controversial architects of the last century in the Czech Republic.

This functionalist building, a part of the Charles University in Prague campus, is now running to seed.

Its corridors and rooms became an impressive but lonely labyrinth.

Just before the demolition of the original spaces the building came to life once more.

Its strict geometric beauty served as a background for a photo shoot of two brands - NAUT,

a Prague based company that produces sophisticated urban backpacks, and OUKAN,

a Berlin store with a focus on rare avant-garde fashion.

NAUT and OUKAN celebrated the Czech week of fashion in their own way.

Together with Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week they paid tribute to buildings that are often misunderstood

which upon a closer look reveal a multitude of original and timeless solutions.

Such concepts are familiar to only a handful of perceptive enthusiasts,

who appreciate the work of independent designers and their efforts to fight the worl

of anonymous consumer goods.

We would like to thank to our great partners, models, team members,

stylists and photographer. OUKAN, Petr Jandera, Matouš Tichý, Mia Köhlerová, Eva Svobodová, Karolína Juriková, Ondřej Telecký