Extraordinary metropolitan bags for those who require sophisticated design, premium materials and uncompromising comfort.

  • $673

    sophisticated everyday luggage     Daring shaped ARCANUM was designed for those who want to feel stunning when carrying a backpack, require innovative design, premium materials and uncompromising comfort. progressive aesthetic and unexpected details exchangeable leather cover with hand painted edges 10 flap closure pockets and a 15” notebook sleeve

  • $155

    everyday mini bag     An essential must-have piece you will fall in love with. It can be worn as a hip bag, across the body or held in your hand by simply removing the belt. various wear styles, holds all your essentials exchangeable cover made of TECH PRO fabric COBRA® THE ORIGINAL metal buckle

  • $673

    one last bag     One of the very first ARCANUM backpacks we have created is now for sale. And both its color and the price tag will catch your attention. sample piece discount - 40% last backpack with yellow leather HORNET this color versions is no longer produced

  • $40

    new multifunctional belt     We have improved our iconic belt. A new metal buckle COBRA® THE ORIGINAL, stronger webbing and loops for attaching snap hooks. Compatible with the NOMAD HIP BAG and the RUDIMENT mini bag. multifunctional belt COBRA® THE ORIGINAL metal buckle gift package

  • $99

    charity cap for HERO CLAN sending the expert volunteers to help other non-profit organisations     Do you want to have style but at the same time you have high demands on functionality? With a cap designed for both the city and the outdoors you will not regret the purchase. You will appreciate its breathable material as well as the veil, which...