For those, who never stop. Collection MODULOR combines functionality, ingenious design and the ability to adapt to your dynamic lifestyle.





The base of the backpack is the MODULOR platform, which serves as a universal carrier of all NAUT modules. In contrast to most other backpacks it has a solid reinforced back, thanks to which you will never feel uncomfortable, regardless of the shape of your load. We paid extra attention to the permeable padding, which directs weight and pressure precisely where it should providing perfect ergonomics. Naturally, the module features an adjustable chest strap a well as an attachable hip strap for perfect fixation.


As the name suggests, M1+M2 is a combination of modules M1 and M2 attached to the MODULOR platform. The result, however, is not only about extra spacious backpack, but more importantly about the combination of advantages and functions of both modules. These modules can be used separately as MODULOR M1 (8l) and MODULOR M2 (20l), or you can simply attach them together and have at your disposal 28l of space, plenty of pockets and an eye catching design. That way, you acquire three backpacks in one. However, we prefer to say you acquire one backpack, which can in matter of seconds transform and adjust itself to your needs.


Forget the need to have multiple backpacks, where each one fits you differently and where you have to constantly move things from one to another. NAUT will always provide you with maximum comfort and the modules will always be ready for use.


The large M2 can contain all your working tools such as notebook, books and documents, while M1 is ready with your training gear. And in case your plans for the day change, simply leave one of the modules home without having to unpack a single thing. The modular system MODULOR is based on magneto-mechanic buckles, which allows you to exchange modules or attach accessories (introduced soon) within seconds. Everything is as simple as a child’s toy while holding firm in place.

The development of NAUT took us over half a year, and the majority of this time was spent searching for the best materials and technologies, which would stress out the innovativeness and functionality of the backpack. We especially value genuine craft, and so we keep the production in the hands of Czech specialists, who work with materials from all over Europe. As such, the roots of NAUT reach even places like Italy, France or Germany. Each piece is original thanks to its traditional production while being the result of the most modern technologies such as laser carving.


NAUT consists of highly durable canvas with water-resistant coating, elegant Italian nonwoven fabric (similar to leather, but 30% lighter, more durable and ecological), super-reflexive yet discreet textile, easy to wash lining, permeable padding, magneto-mechanic buckles made with German patented technology, or laser-carved dural buckles.

The URBA module has a volume of 20l and contains a multitude of practical pockets. The largest pocket with room for up to 17” notebook is extensively padded, removing the need to have the laptop or tablet in its own case. There is an elastic strap on each side of the module able to fixate bottles of up to 2l in size. On the removable pocket module you can find room for small items as well as pockets closable with zip. The net pocket on the opposite side can be used for everything you wish to keep your eyes on, and right above it are holders prepared for pens and a pocket for a wallet with an easy access.


The ACTI module has volume of 8l and features three spacious pockets. You can comfortably fit in a pair of shoes, bottle (attachable to the side), training cloths and of course necessities like a wallet, keys and such. Cyclists will appreciate the pocket for a bike pump. The module is large enough to contain even a 15” notebook along with all accessories, documents, tablet the size of an iPad PRO, and plenty of other items for daily life in the city.

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